“Wireless Data Acquisition” – Access your wireless flow, rainfall, and water quality monitoring stations in near real time. View, graph, and download as much or as little data as preferred.

“CSO/SSO Monitoring and Alarming” 
– Monitor and alarm your combined and sanitary sewer overflow points. Couple with rainfall gauges to set alarm points for early detection and probability of overflows occurring. Connect quality probes or auto samplers to monitor effluent quality during overflow events. Convenient templates allow easy reporting to regulatory agencies. 

“Rainfall Statistics Summary” 
 Effortlessly summarize your rainfall data into a convenient monthly table.


“Flow Summary Reports” – This report allows you to summarize your flow data for a year into a convenient grid of average flows, sorted by month and day. Mean, minimum, and maximum statistics are calculated for each month. In fact, the tool will work on any data signal; it also conveniently summarizes temperature, water levels, humidity, etc.

“Rainfall IDF Analysis” –
 Search and view any recent or historical rainfall event and develop the Intensity-Duration-Frequency information for that specific data.

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