Pipeline Condition Analysis

Offered as an independent service or in coordination with pipeline pigging, SFE Global has a variety of non-destructive technologies available to provide valuable information about pipeline asset operation and condition. Data obtained can provide isometric mapping; plot hydraulic profiles; detect and locate leaks; assess magnetic features and restrictions in all pipelines. (valves, fittings, joints, scaling). […]

Pipeline Pigging

SFE Global is known in the water, wastewater, and industrial sectors as a leader in pipeline pigging technologies. From water to sewer to petroleum product pipelines, pigging has been used since about 1930 as an effective and efficient process for cleaning various pipelines. The primary benefit achieved through the pigging process is the removal of […]

Infrastructure Monitoring (Flow, Pressure, Level)

SFE Global prides itself in being an independent flow monitoring service provider to all sectors. We are not a manufacturer or manufacturers representative of flow meters. Our primary objective is to offer excellent service and quality data independent of a singular manufacturer of flow monitoring equipment. SFE utilizes only the latest and proven technology from […]

Data Management

GoService allows for easy dialog and planning between Project Management, Field Maintenance Crews, and Data Analysts Features Easily request work orders for maintenance tasks Print CSE documents and all pertinent project details directly from GoData All correspondence between all parties is archived within the database Field crews leave messages in the data analysts queue if […]

Meteorological Monitoring

Generally in coordination with our sanitary sewer or storm water flow monitoring programs, SFE Global supplies and installs meteorological monitoring equipment ranging from simple rain gauges to complete weather stations. Parameters available to be monitored are: Rainfall Temperature Relative Humidity Wind Speed and Direction Solar Radiation Barometric Pressure Soil Moisture Leaf Wetness Near real-time, wireless […]

Water Quality Monitoring

SFE Global provides equipment and services related to continuous data logged and automatic sampled water quality parameters. Whether you’re required to continuously monitor parameters such as temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity or are in need of automatic flow based samples for lab analysis, SFE can put together a program that will meet your requirements and budget. […]

Fire Flow Testing

Whether it’s a standard NFPA Fire Flow Test for a new development sprinkler system design, a fire pump test to satisfy your underwriters, or a complex water model calibration project, SFE technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of water system flow testing. Typical flow testing programs may include such instrumentation as fire hydrant […]

Dye Dilution Testing

Dye Dilution Testing has been utilized on thousands of flow measurement tests worldwide, for many years and done correctly is known as one of the most accurate methods of flow measurement. A known concentration of dye is injected into water, wastewater or industrial effluent stream at a precise flow rate. The diluted concentration of fluorescence […]

Pump Station

SFE Global offers many solutions for monitoring of water, wastewater and industrial effluent pump stations. Our wireless telemetry and GoData web hosting and alarming system allow an economical solution to remote station monitoring. Pump status and run times, wet good levels, flow rates, and discharge pressure can all be captured, recorded and presented on GoData. […]