SFE Global prides itself in being an independent flow monitoring service provider to all sectors. We are not a manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative of flow meters. Our primary objective is to offer excellent infrastructure and flow monitoring service and quality data independent of a singular manufacturer of flow monitoring equipment.

SFE Global is an industry expert in open-channel and pressurized systems flow monitoring. 

Our clients benefit from the latest and proven flow monitoring technology from leading manufacturers. In addition, SFE is the only firm to implement custom compound weir designs and installations in our flow monitoring programs.  The result… flow monitoring data is substantially more accurate and repeatable.

Partner with SFE for industry-leading flow monitoring…

Our range of flow monitoring services covers the following applications:

  • Sanitary Sewers – Capacity Studies, Inflow & Infiltration Studies, Billing Stations.
  • Storm Water – Sewers, Creeks, Culverts, Streams, Creeks.
  • Industrial Effluent – Temporary and Permanent Systems
  • Pressurized Systems – Water, Wastewater, and Industrial. Meter Verifications Utilizing Transit Time, Doppler, and Insertion Mag Technologies.
  • Customized Solutions and Programs.
  • Wireless Data Acquisition Available for All Applications

Please review “Custom Compound Weirs – A Technical Paper” for more information.

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