– New Inline Inspection Services –

      Pigging and Pipeline Condition Assessments

SFE Global has been providing pipeline pigging services for 25-years.  In keeping up with the demand for using advanced technology to make smarter pipeline decisions, SFE has added a new inline inspection service to our capabilities.

We can now run an inline inspection pig in coordination with our pipeline cleaning programs to give you detailed data on the condition of your critical pipeline infrastructure.

The SmartFoam Inline Inspection Tool allows for internal condition assessments of all metal pipelines:

  • Internal Corrosion – YES
  • Pipeline Cracking – YES
  • Leakage Assessment – YES
  • Internal Scale – YES
  • Internal Pressure and Velocity – YES

Inline Inspection Data showing Corrosion


Sewer Forcemains and Siphons

Cleaning and inspection of sewer forcemains can be completed without the need to bypass pump or take your lift stations offline.  Cleaning allows for reduced head-loss, improved pump efficiency, and improved flow output while inline inspection helps to assess pipeline leakage, corrosion, and cracking.


Domestic and Raw Watermains

Cleaning of watermains with pipe pigs allows for removal of both soft and hardened deposits.  If general, removal of these deposits has many benefits including; improving water quality; increasing flow capacity; and reducing operating pressures.


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