It’s 2023 and it’s a busy time around here at SFE Global. We continue to provide the monitoring and maintenance services we always have to the water and wastewater industry.  Sewer flow monitoring, CSO monitoring, smoke testing, manhole inspections, and pipeline pigging services continue to keep our crews hopping from City to City.

In recent years we’ve added pressurized pipe inline inspections to our list of services provided to our water, wastewater, and industrial clients.  Usually in coordination with our pipeline pigging services, we have a number of inline assessment technologies to meet your needs and budget.

Pipeline pigging services present an opportune time to further inspect your sewer force mains, siphons, raw and domestic watermains, and industrial product pipelines.  Range of services includes:

  • Pipeline pigging for simple cleaning purposes and/or for condition assessment services. 
  • Pipeline operational data collection and assessment.
  • Free floating acoustic assessments including air pockets, leaks, and pressure profiles.
  • Inline smart pigging assessments including cracking, pitting, and general corrosion; geometric evaluation (dents, buckling); debris assessment; and mapping on xyz.

Consulting engineers and city managers are continuing to trust SFE for their inline inspection needs. Our tools are finding critical anomalies and unknown features allowing our clients to be proactive in assessing pipeline remaining usable life and addressing pipeline deficiencies.

Please get in touch with your local SFE Global office directly or via our contact form to discuss how we can assist with any of our service offerings.