Specific to the industrial sector, SFE Global provides services such as temporary and permanent industrial effluent monitoring/sampling; pigging of product pipelines; flow and water quality monitoring services for water and sewer balancing; and domestic water reservoir cleaning and inspection.



SFE Global performs regular maintenance programs consisting of domestic and raw water pipeline swabbing; fire hydrant service and inspection; and reservoir cleaning and inspection. In addition to this, we also provide flow and pressure monitoring services to piped systems. These include transit time and insertion mag meter monitoring services.



Monitoring services to the wastewater industry is what SFE Global is best known for. Our experience and technical expertise is among the best in North America. Services include sewer and drainage flow monitoring; sewer smoke testing; manhole inspection programs; dye dilution calibrations; and pipeline pigging of sewer force mains and siphon mains.



SFE Global has been a pioneer in the collection and presentation of time series data for nearly 15 years. SFE Global specializes in field level installation and configuration of sensors along with its integration into an online user-friendly data management platform.



GoService allows for easy dialog and planning between Project Management, Field Maintenance Crews, and Data Analysts. Features easily request work orders for maintenance tasks, print CSE documents and all pertinent project details directly from GoData. All correspondence between all parties is archived within the database.

“SFE has provided all our monitoring needs for the past 15 years. Their staff are experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive and a pleasure to work with, and I admire their attention to detail in a difficult and hostile environment. SFE has always delivered quality and value in our projects. What more can I say – quite simply the best in the business.”

Larry Bodnaruk

Senior Water Resource Engineer

“We have done several water transmission line swabbing projects with SFE Global for final commissioning. We were able to work closely with SFE staff on-site to successfully pig a large potable water transmission pipeline.”

Egidio Chiarello

Project Manager M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services Ltd.