SFE Global recently completed a sanitary sewer forcemain swabbing and assessment project in Oregon.

Pipeline length: 6,230 ft.

The cleaning of the sanitary sewer forcemain was conducted utilizing industry standard pigging procedures. As a result, the pipeline was clean and free from all soft/loose debris. Assessment details were provided in a separate report. SFE recommended repeating the pigging/assessment procedure every 3-5 years in order to maintain optimum forcemain operation and to continue to assess for defects and/or leakage.

Pipeline pigging has been used for over 60-years as an efficient and effective way to clean pressurized pipe systems.  SFE Global (SFE) has been performing pipeline pigging to various industries for over 25-years.  With more recent advancements in pipeline inspection technology, SFE has added pipeline assessment services in coordination with our pigging services.  With the need to clean and inspect their critical sanitary sewer forcemains, the client once again relied on SFE Global as their specialist in water/wastewater pipeline services.

SFE Global follows the progressive pigging approach to safely and effectively clean all pipelines. The entire process, from mobilization to completion, took 3-days. Upon completion, the municipality was able to restore the system back to normal/efficient operation.

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