Pipeline Pigging

SFE Global has been performing pipeline pigging for over 20-years. Whether you’re a City Utilities Director, Engineering Consultant, or Manager of an industrial facility, chances are you’ve come across a pipeline that requires cleaning for one reason or another.   Pipeline pigging has been used for over 50-years as an effective way to clean pressurized pipe systems. As a pigging contractor, SFE Global has the experience and equipment to meet your pipe cleaning needs. Below are just some of the examples of typical pipelines we clean…

  • Domestic and Raw Water Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer Force Mains
  • Sanitary Sewer Siphon Mains
  • Agriculture Irrigation Pipelines
  • Petroleum Products Pipelines
  • Mine Tailings Pipelines
  • Dedicated Fire Suppression Systems
  • Various Wastewater Treatment Plant Pipelines


Reasons for Swabbing & Pigging

Here at SFE we generally get one of two calls from our clients with pigging needs; the first is for preventative maintenance measures. Keeping pipelines clear of debris and scale means C-Factors are kept high, friction loss is reduced, pumps are able to operate as intended, pipeline life cycle is extended, and total cost of operation is reduced. The second call we get is due to emergency circumstances whereby a pipeline capacity or water quality has been abruptly diminished. In most cases utilizing the progressive pigging approach we can clear the blockage and renew the pipeline to its original flow capacity.


Depending on your pipeline, you can expect one or more of the following results from pipeline pigging…


  • Increase pipe capacity
  • Decrease friction loss
  • Increase pump efficiency while reducing pumping costs
  • Improve water quality
  • Ensure pipelines are clear from all debris
  • Assess potential pipe deformation



For feedback and/or general inquiries about Pipeline Pigging, please contact Mike Lemmen at 1.866.332.9876 or mike.lemmen@sfeglobal.com