Consultants, City Engineers, and Public Works Managers are tasked with addressing various pipeline capacity and/or water quality issues on a regular basis.  These issues can be ongoing problems that require scheduled maintenance; or can be the result of an abrupt change in your pipeline operation that has you scrambling to deal with a major obstruction or quality concern.  From source to drain, our water and wastewater systems are full of pressurized pipes that require monitoring, maintenance, and repair from time to time.


A buzz-word term you may have heard lately is “Ice Pigging”.  Ice Pigging is a pipeline pigging process in which an ice slurry is pumped into a pipe and forced by pressure to remove sediment and built-up deposits leaving the pipe clear and obstruction free.  When it comes to many city water and wastewater systems, the reality of ice pigging is that it can be expensive with limited applications.


One recent study compared ice pigging to traditional pipeline swabbing of watermains.  The results showed that traditional swabbing was more effective and less costly than ice pigging.  SFE Global is your local pipeline pigging contractor with extensive experience in all applications:


  • Domestic and Raw Water Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer Force Mains
  • Sanitary Sewer Siphon Mains
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Pipelines
  • Marine Intakes and Outfalls
  • Agriculture Irrigation Pipelines
  • Petroleum Products Pipelines
  • Mine Tailings Pipelines
  • Dedicated Fire Suppression Systems




Pigging and swabbing of pipelines, when performed by a company specializing in these specific services, is a cost-effective solution for improving capacity; reducing pumping costs; and improving water quality.

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