City Engineers and Public Works Staff have the relentless task of ensuring our underground pipelines are meeting the demands of public.  Whether it’s a domestic watermain or sewer forcemain, our underground pipelines need to efficiently carry water to the customers and wastewater to the treatment plants.

Sewer forcemains with capacity problems lead to overwhelmed lift station wet wells, poor pump performance, and ultimately combined sewer overflows or sanitary sewer overflows. (CSO/SSO)  Raw or domestic watermains with silt or scale buildup lead to water quality problems, higher than normal operating pressures, pipe breaks, and reduced firefighting capabilities.








SFE Global’s approach to pipeline pigging services starts with evaluating and understanding your current pipeline concerns.  Our team has the ability to perform system diagnostics prior to introducing pipe pigs into the system.  These services include:

  • Lift Station Drawdown Testing
  • Pressure and Flow Data Logging
  • C-Factor Testing
  • Safety and Hazard Assessments





Once an appropriate approach has been considered, SFE performs all pigging services with in-house crews, equipment, and materials.  Our team has collectively over 60-years’ experience in pigging services.  Typical pigging projects include:

  • Domestic and Raw Water Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer Force Mains
  • Sanitary Sewer Siphon Mains
  • Agriculture Irrigation Pipelines
  • Petroleum Products Pipelines
  • Mine Tailings Pipelines
  • Dedicated Fire Suppression Systems
  • Various Wastewater Treatment Plant Pipelines

Depending on your pipeline, you can expect one or more of the following results from pipeline pigging:

  • Increase pipe capacity
  • Decrease friction loss
  • Increase pump efficiency while reducing pumping costs
  • Improve water quality
  • Ensure pipelines are clear from all debris
  • Assess potential pipe deformation





For feedback and/or general inquiries about Pipeline Pigging, please contact Mike Lemmen at 1.888.567.9994 or  For a complete list of all our services, please visit our website at