May 15, 2013 – Got Inflow & Infiltration? Consider Sewer Smoke Testing.

Smoke Testing, or sometimes referred to as Vapor Testing, is an extremely efficient and cost effective investigative method of pinpointing stormwater cross-connections into sanitary sewer systems.  The general approach consists of blowing a low pressure, non-toxic, non-staining, smoke or vapor into the sanitary sewer system.  The result is such...

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March 15, 2013 – Pipeline Swabbing & Pigging

Pipeline Pigging SFE Global has been performing pipeline pigging for over 20-years. Whether you’re a City Utilities Director, Engineering Consultant, or Manager of an industrial facility, chances are you’ve come across a pipeline that requires cleaning for one reason or another.   Pipeline pigging has been used for over 50-years...

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January 10, 2013 – Flow Monitoring

SFE Global has been providing sewer, drainage, and industrial effluent flow monitoring services for over 20-years.  Over this time, technology has developed and so have our internal processes and QA/QC procedures that have allowed SFE to continually deliver the excellent services and quality data we’re known for.  As much...

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October 10, 2012 – PNCWA Conference

SFE Global is proud to again be exhibiting at the upcoming Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association Annual Conference.  PNCWA 2012 is being held in Boise, ID from October 21st through the 24th.  We invite all our existing clients along with all others taking part in this years conference to...

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July 5, 2012 – Sewer Force Main Pigging

July 5, 2012 – Sewer Force Main Pigging Whether you’re a Utilities Manager, Foreman, Technician or an Engineering Consultant, when it comes to maintaining a sanitary sewer system, we all think about ways we can manage and assess our underground infrastructure.  Dollars and resources are spent on items such...

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News Release – July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012 – Welcome to the new SFE Global website!  This new look and content manager site will allow us to connect with our valued clients more frequently and will showcase SFE services and technology along with general industry news.  Please check in frequently to see the latest...

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